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Our Services

Guangzhou Maichi Co., Ltd. has a modern, focus on the future service concept. Our service includes pre-sale, in-sale, after-sales service and lifelong consulting service. We provide service support for existing and potential customers in their whole industry and value-added industry chain. We have established a perfect service system and expanded the service to three stages: pre-sale help customer design scheme and plant design, in sales technical guidance and after-sales lifelong service 4-hour service hotline, anytime and anywhere to provide customers with product use, repair, maintenance and other services.

Pre sales service

We have a specific customer service plan for each stage of the use of customer packaging and batching equipment to comprehensively meet the needs of customers.

1. standardization concept consultation

We provide professional consulting services for customers, analyze the materials of customers, provide professional packaging equipment for customers, and make a standard and comprehensive introduction to the performance of the equipment to ensure that customers have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment.

2. System definition of customer special requirements

We can also provide non-standard products according to the special requirements of customers. Customers can provide material performance, packaging and ingredients requirements, workshop drawings, configuration requirements, cost, etc. if necessary, we will send professional and technical personnel to the site to investigate and issue professional design schemes and drawings to meet the special requirements of customers. Our professional engineers can transform the old equipment according to the requirements of customers to better meet the production needs of customers.

In sale service

1. Smooth operation service: we install and debug the sold packaging and batching equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. We also provide technical training for the equipment operators to let them understand and master the use and maintenance methods of the equipment, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment from all aspects.

2. Testing of materials and packaging bags measurement of bulk density of materials particle size analysis of materials measurement of fluidity and gasification characteristics of materials air permeability test of packaging bags

after-sale service

1. Preventive maintenance service: we regularly maintain the equipment, prevent possible failures, maintain stable and orderly operation of the equipment, and provide comprehensive maintenance and repair training for the equipment operators of customers.

2. Production and transportation optimization service in the process of equipment operation. We have professional technicians to visit the equipment regularly to ensure the safe and stable operation of the sold equipment. Customers can make telephone consultation on the problems of equipment operation. We are equipped with professional distribution personnel to deliver the equipment and parts required by customers to customers in the fastest and safest way. At the same time, we choose the transportation mode with lower transportation cost for customers, and optimize the transportation service through continuous efforts. We provide reliable and objective service for our customers, and ensure the safe, smooth and stable operation of our equipment by using modern methods, appropriate logical structure and professional approaches.