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Canning granule packing machine

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fully automatic
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Equipment introductions:

1.It is an automatic ration filling line which aims to pieces of Chinese medicine with good fluidity ,suitable for all kinds of round specifications and special mould customized bottle type,such as PE cans, aluminum alloy cans and paper cans.

2.With a high degree of automation, the whole line runs in tandem, meeting the requirements of GMP standard .The operator put the bottles on the bottle unscrambler and the machine handles bottles automatically, all production sections work automatically including material lifting, weighing, bottling, positioning, sealing, labeling and production date printing.no need of manual work. According to the requirements of enterprise, we also provide assistant devices such as weight scale, automatic desiccant dropping, dust removal device, manually working area for operation, inkjet printer, automatic sealing for soft cover and stage for finished production collecting, which further improves and meets production needs.

Equipment process:

Manually put the empty bottles on the swivel plate to handle the bottle and pour the packed material into the Z elevator hopper. The elevator lifts the material and conveys it to combination weigher. the empty bottles will be conveyed to locating point by conveyor belt and waits. the combination weighers finish filling then the filled bottles are conveyed to the dust removal device for cleaning. after cleaning, they are conveyed to automatic capping machine to seal, automatic pressing plastic cap labeling, and manually pack it.

Equipment features:

1.Designed beautifully and generously, easy to operate. touch screen control system electrical components are adopted from famous brands, low failure rate and low maintenance costs.

2.High degree of intelligence, each unit is a Chinese dialog control panel. there are many functions such as self - alarming, the whole line runs in tandem, smooth operation.

3.High efficiency, ,it is easy to operate, adjust, clean and maintain, low operation cost, low maintenance cost.

4.PLC controls the system, touch screen human-machine interface display.

Bottle diameter(mm) 35~100
Bottle height(mm) 40~200
Suitable lid diameter(mm) 15~100
Filling range(g) 50~500
Capacity(g) ±0.3~1.5
(bottle/min) 30~80 bottle/min
Power supply 3P 380v 50Hz
Compressed air 0.6m³/min 0.6~0.8MPa