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Corporate Culture

1、 Enterprise tenet

Remit the essence of world Seiko and create national industry as its responsibility.

2、 Enterprise mission

It is the common mission of Maichi people to build an international first-class packaging enterprise, to create a world-famous brand, to strive to become the best supplier of packaging equipment, and to fully serve the economic and social development at home and abroad.

3、 Maichi spirit

Unity, pragmatism, dedication, efficiency and innovation.

The spirit of unity is sincere cooperation, striving for progress, sharing weal and woe, and treating each other with sincerity and sincerity.

Honest and upright, down-to-earth work, the pragmatic spirit of consistent words and deeds.

Conscientious and responsible, love the post loyalty, assiduous research, work rigorous professionalism.

Quick action, strong executive power, and effective spirit.

The innovative spirit of constantly surpassing, pursuing excellence, pioneering and enterprising, daring to be the first.

4、 Service purpose

From pre-sale to after-sale, we provide customers with production line design scheme, equipment debugging, product use and maintenance, etc. 24 hours a day. The service will be extended to three stages: pre-sale design for customers and plant design, technical guidance during sales and after-sales life-long service.

5、 Business philosophy

Win by quality, treat customers with sincerity, engage in business with morality, serve the best and be honest in the world.

6、 Enterprise mission

To create wealth and realize value, employees are happy and happy, customers are happy and satisfied, and the country is rich and strong.

7、 Core values

Have a high sense of responsibility and take social responsibility as their own responsibility.