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Oatmeal Packing Machine Lines in 2019 built by Jiangsu Ximai Food Co.


Located in Suqian, Jiangsu Provinceļ¼ŒJiangsu Ximai Food Co., Ltd. has finished nearly 10 oatmeal packing machine production lines in 2019. The main machines provided by Marchi are including : conveyor, spider hand packing machine, powder and granule packing machine all in one, automatic carton opening machine, carton filling machine, automatic strapping machine, code dispenser, sealing machine, capping machine, double-sided labeling machine, linear filling machine, check weigher, elevator, all kinds of power roller conveyor, turntable sterilizer machine, metal detector etc. Besides, the factory packing machine lines designing, packaging machine manufacturing, packing machine installation guidance, commissioning and training workers to operate and maintain etc. after-sales services are also offered by Marchi. For more information about oatmeal packing machine lines, please feel free to contact us!