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Potato Chips & Oatmeal Packing Machine Lines enriched by PepsiCo.


With the demand of people�daily food and the growth of PepsiCo's own business, oatmeal packaging machine lines and potato chips packing machine lines has been enlarged since last year. It is an honor for Marchi to offer PepsiCo. the one-stop packing machine line solutions. Main packing machines used in this project are vertical bag forming, filling, sealing packing machines, premade bag packing machines, combination weighers, disc scales, conveyors, elevators, etc.

As the factory packing machine production lines designer and manufacturer, high quality product and good service has been always what Marchi is pursuing. Dedicate to offering professional, effective and comprehensive packing solutions and machines is our mission. Welcome to all old and new friends to consult packing machines for bags, containers, cartons or boxes!