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Multilane Packing Machine Lines Being Accepted by P&G.


Marchi is pleased to introduce the brand-new packing machine production line which is multi-lane vertical form fill seal packing machines, elevators and finish conveyors just accepted by P&G Co. early this year. It can fully complete process of material lifting, weighing, product filling, film forming, bag sealing, punching, printing, and counting, finish product transporting etc. This packaging machine can be customized according to your packing speed, cutting modes and coding ways requirements. The fully automatic packing machines is applicable for different materials such as washing powder, coffee powder, flavouring essence with different measuring mode for example cups, auger fillers etc.

Advantages for the multilane packing machines: Automatic alarming, stopping, and self-diagnosing when failure, reading database from the touch screen directly, hot sealing working principle, film pulling by servo motor so that the stick pulling fast and steady, and high sensitivity.