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Vertical packaging machine

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Application scopes :

1. Ultrafine powder (such as rice flour, milk powder, building materials, ground coffee, seasoning powder, toner)

2. Granular materials (such as feed, granular fertilizers, seeds, nuts)

3. Flaky materials (such as potato chips, biscuits)

4. Strip material (such as noodles, bean sprouts, Chinese herbal slices

5. Paste materials (such as bean paste, pastes, architectural coatings)

6. Solid-liquid mixture (such as pickled pepper)

Equipment features :

1.This machine can complete bag forming, filling, sealing, printing, punching and counting.

2.Adopt servo motor to pull film, it can correct deviation automatically. Horizontal seal can use cylinder or servo drive (customers can choose it under different working conditions).Vertical sealing can use palm-type or flat-pressure type (customers can choose it according to the specific materials and film roll).

3.The machine has good sealing performance and can meet customer's hygienic requirements.

4.All electrical control components use well-known brands with reliable performance, human-machine dialogue platform.

Dimension L×W×H(mm)1050×800×10101470×988×14001800×1220×16801854×1440×19301900×1470×20802150×1750×2300
Type of bagPillow bag, gusset bag, punching bag
Bag length L×W (mm)(50~200)×(80~150)(50~280)×(70~180)(50~340)×(80~250(50~460)×(80~350)(50~430)×(70~375)(300~650)×(300~535)
Capacity (bag/min)40~80packets/min30~80packets/min20~90packets/min30~80packets/min20~70packets/min5~30packets/min
Reel inner diameter(mm)Φ72Φ75Φ75Φ75Φ75Φ75
Max reel outer diameter(mm)Φ400Φ400Φ450Φ500Φ450Φ450
Compressed air 0.6MPa 350L/min0.6MPa 350L/min0.6MPa 350L/min0.6MPa 350L/min0.6~0.8MPa 350L/min0.6~0.8MPa 350L/min
Power supply380v, 50~60Hz, 3kw380V, 50~60Hz, 3kw380V, 50~60Hz, 3kw380V, 50~60Hz, 3kw380V, 50~60Hz, 3kw380V, 50~60Hz, 3kw