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Large bag powder packaging machine

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Equipment introductions:

This series of packaging machines can accomplish the measuring, filling and other functions. The weighing and filling are carried out simultaneously, it is applicable for powder and small granule which have high-precision or non-uniform density and good fluidity or poor fluidity. such as protein powder, powder, food additives, feed additives, non-dairy fat, lithium battery materials: ternary, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, veterinary drugs, glucose, toner, dyes, flavors and spices.

Equipment features:

1.All stainless steel structure, combinational or open transparent hopper is easily to disassemble and be washed without tools.

2.Servo motor and servo drive control the screw.

3.Pneumatic bag clamping device and bracket mounted on the weight sensor, the fast or slow filling according to preset weight.

4.The high reaction speed weighing system guarantees high accuracy.

5.PLC controls the system, touch screen human-machine interface display, easy to operate.

6.Two kinds of working methods can be switched, quantitative and real-time weighing, quantitative weighing has faster speed and lower accuracy , real-time weighing has higher accuracy and slower speed.

7.Various product adjustment parameter formulas can be stored, for later use, it can store no more than 10 recipes.

8.Screw accessories can be replaced, adapting to various materials such as ultra-fine powders and tiny granule.

Equipment parameters:

Packaging weight(kg)1~25
Packaging accuracy(kg)5~20, ≤±0.2~0.5%, >20, ≤±0.1~0.3%
Capacity(time/min)2~6 times/min
Power supply3P AC208~415V 50/60Hz
Compressed air6kg/cm3 0.1cbm/min
Total power(kw)2.87
Total weight(kg)450