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Canning powder filling machine

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Equipment introductions:

Based on the development of market and combined with the practice, this equipment is designed on the basis of re-development design and aligned with national GMP standard. The machine adopts the latest technology concept of European packaging technology, and the design is more reasonable, concise and solid. Automatically complete feeding, metering, filling, etc., suitable for filling powdered granular materials, such as milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverages, glucose, rice flour and so on.

Equipment features:

1.Program modulization design, PLC control system and human-machine interface to make work clear. All the parameters can be added into the program module and reserved for further use.

2.It adopts bottle or can packaging with automatic feeding system, can automatically stop working when no bottles.

To guarantee no less or over filled bottle going through, each container must be inspected, a unique supplementary filling design makes the product passing rate is 100%.

4.Adopt proportion feedback tracking and high speed reaction clutch brake to propel auger, greatly improved packaging accuracy and capacity. Simple whole framework, reasonable layout, quickly to change the packaging variety and extremely convenient to clean.

5.Stable and durable ,so failure rate is low.

Equipment Parameters

Container size(mm)φ20~100, H :15~150φ30~160, H:50~260φ50~180, H :50~350
Filling weight(g)1~50010~500010~5000
Filling accuracy(g)≤ 100, ≤±2%; 100~500,≤±1% ≤ 500, ≤±1%; >500, ≤±0.5%≤ 500, ≤±2; 100~1000≤±2~5 >1000, ≤±5~8
Filling capacity(bottle/min )20~40 bottle/min20~40 bottle/min15~40 bottle/min
Power supply3P AC208~415V 50/60Hz 3P AC208~415V 50/60Hz 3P AC208~415V 50/60Hz
Compressed air6 kg/cm2 0.05m3/min6 kg/cm2 0.05m3/min 6 kg/cm2 0.2m3/min
Total power(kw)
Total weight(kg )250350800
Dimension L×W×H(mm)1400×830×2080 1840×1070×2420 3330×1200×2930
Hopper volume(L)2550main 50, assist 10