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Paste multi - row packaging machine

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fully automatic
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Equipment introductions:

1.The machine can automatically complete multi-lane products measuring, feeding, filling and bag forming(date code printed), bag sealing and cutting.

2. Adopt advanced technology, humanized design, Japanese "Panasonic" PLC + 5.7"touch screen controls system, high degree of automation.

3.Automatic alarming, stopping and self-diagnosing when failure, can be viewed directly from the screen. It is safe, easy-using, quick maintain, automatically display the number of bags, and can easily count the workload of the machine.

4. Using the working principle of heat sealing , the motor controls film-pulling and the Capacity of stick -pulling is fast and stable.

5. With high sensitivity of photoelectric switch , the printing cursor can be automatically tracked and positioned, and the complete trademark pattern can be obtained when using the packaging material which has color mark.

6. Adopt an integrated framework makes adjustment more convenient.

7.The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy (comply with the GMP standards).

Equipment parameters:

Sachet length(mm)50~12050~12050~120
Sachet width(mm)30~4740~6040~66
Film width(mm)Max190Max480Max800
Sealing size(mm)Back sealing: 5~10/ Horizontal sealing: 10~20 (can be customized)
Power supply220v 50Hz 3.5kw220v 50Hz 5.5kw220v 50Hz 7.5kkw
Compressed air0.6~0.8MPa 0.8M³/min0.6~0.8MPa 0.8M³/min0.6~0.8MPa 1M³/min
Sticks pulling modeInverter motor sachet pullingServo sachet pullingServo sachet pulling
Cutting modeFlat cutting, zigzag cutting, rounded cutting, multi-sachet pulling cutting, etc.
Dimension L × W × H(mm)825×107×15761413×1674×20001798×1744×2000