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Liquid filling machine

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Liquid tank installation Liquid tank installation Liquid tank installation

Equipment features:

1.This piston filling machine is for 1-5L container(adjustable), like edible oil and lubricant. it adopts PLC, friendly touch screen, full closure construction and diving filling. Precise metering, big range of container size, compact construction, stable running, suitable for different shape’s container filling.

2.All parts which contact with materials are made of high quality stainless steel, the whole machine is beautiful designed, and meets GMP requirements.

Equipment parameters:

Model MC-ZX-12T MC-ZX-8T MC-ZX-6T MC-ZX-4T
Head options 12 8 6 4
Applicable bottle type Round bottle:H 100-320,Φ100-180
Square bottle:L 100-200,W:40-80, H 150-300
Bottle neck size:≤30,≥30 customized
Capacity(bottle/h) 1L:3500bottles/hour
Filling deviation Range 1~5L:±5ml 1~5L:±5ml 1~5L:±5ml 1~5L:±5ml
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 2200×1500×2200 2000×1100×2200 2000×1100×2200 1600×1100×2200
Power supply AC220v, 50Hz 5kw AC220v, 50Hz 4kw AC220v, 50Hz 3kw AC220v, 50Hz 3kw

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